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These days, you can never be too sure about where people have been, and it is your responsibility as a host to make sure your guests aren’t carriers of COVID-19. While this concern is largely expressed by the masses, it is still awkward to ask about the state of someone’s health.

With the holiday season coming up, the need for meeting up in social functions is bigger than ever. While it might be a difficult conversation to bring up, starting it is important for the welfare of everyone in attendance at the gathering.

While COVID-19 cases are dwindling down, there is still no telling how big of an impact a gathering can be. One small interaction with a COVID-19 carrier could be the domino that tips everything over.

Nobody wants to talk about the state of your health during the holidays, but if you are having a gathering, here are some polite ways to get a conversation going.

1) Be Upfront About It

The best way to talk about COVID-19 is to be upfront about it. You should also be straightforward about any house rules so that your guests have a clear understanding of the boundaries. That way, expectations can be managed by your guests. 

When talking about sensitive topics such as COVID-19, transparency is key. Delaying an inevitable conversation will only make everyone feel like there is an elephant in the room. And it becomes more awkward to talk about the more you prolong the issue.

Start the conversation promptly by asking any of your guests whether they have been out of the state, especially in high-risk areas. Ask them if they have experienced any of the symptoms of COVID-19 in the past few days. Anything from coughs, fevers, muscle aches, loss of taste or smells could be a red flag.

2) Prevent It Altogether By Keeping Guests at a Minimum

Another way to mitigate any risks altogether is by keeping your guest list at the bare minimum or not having it in the first place. If you have to get together, try restricting your guests to only your closest family members. This safety precaution will help you a lot, especially if you and the people you live with are older or immuno-compromised.

Doctors advise against meeting up with anyone unless absolutely necessary, especially in the coming months. Experts say that the coronavirus is most potent and contagious during the first three days of having symptoms. 

Your guest might appear fine at first, but as soon as they exhibit signs, it will be too late.

Why Checking Is Important

It should be a no-brainer why checking is important. It’s important to have a set of guidelines that you and your guests can follow to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Contagion can be quick and unnoticeable, only being present once it’s too late.

If you do start asking your guests questions, try not to sound too accusatory. Instead, explain your intentions as calmly as possible.

Why Checking Is Important

Before you invite guests into your home, make sure it is completely safe. When you take the proper precautions, you can avoid much bigger risks altogether.

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