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How to Plan a COVID-Safe Wedding: A Detailed Guide

Love knows no bounds. If you and your significant other are eager to tie the knot and enter the sacred sacrament of matrimony, there’s no need to be concerned about the pandemic. COVID-19 cannot hinder your love. Fortunately for you, weddings with fewer than 30 guests are permitted under local UK regulations. The main challenge is to ensure that it is successful and safe for all participants.

This article will cover the most recent COVID-safe wedding planning steps.

Stage 1: Things to Comply Before the Wedding

The need to travel between locations is the most exhausting aspect of wedding planning. Before finalising the major details of your wedding, make sure to check with your local health departments for any changes or updates. Check to see if they will accept your request to host your wedding. This is especially important if you are having difficulty keeping your guests within the allowed number.

Furthermore, any delays in the responses of authorities should be followed-up on as soon as possible. Keep any documentation provided by the local health department proving that you are COVID-safe and in compliance with their regulations.

Stage 2: Decide How Many People Will Attend

Always ensure that whichever venue you choose for your wedding can accommodate the number of guests you have invited. Keep in mind that your guests will not only be relatives or friends but will also include vendors such as food, photography and wedding coordinators. Inquire with each vendor about the number of staff they require and have them on your guest list.

Stage 3: Reevaluate Your Budget

The last but not the minor thing to think about when planning a COVID-safe wedding is reassessing your budget. Now that you have the final number of guests attending the wedding, the next step is to ensure that they are tested for COVID-19. Testing them in an open, public testing centre approved by local health departments is the most cost-effective option.

When testing your guest for COVID-19, you will have two options: you offer to pay for all of them or they will pay for themselves.

If you choose to pay for them, make sure you partner with the most affordable testing centre. Otherwise, the majority of your wedding budget will be spent on COVID-19 testing. Even though testing is quite expensive, there are several centres open for packaged testing. This means that if you test in large quantities, they will offer lower prices for their testing kits.

On the other hand, if guests offer to pay for themselves, this can help ease any financial burdens. However, they must always go to testing centres that authorities have approved.

Furthermore, your budget should include COVID-19 prevention elements such as sanitisers, alcohol, masks and other barriers to maintain social distance.


Remember that COVID testing cannot replace best practices such as social distancing, wearing a mask and vaccination.

Be aware that at-home COVID testing does not replace the preventive measures proven to keep us safe during this pandemic.

The following are the most efficient ways to stop COVID-19 from spreading:

  • Vaccinate yourself
  • Get checked if you have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Put a mask on
  • The chasm in society
  • Indoor places with low ventilation should be avoided
  • Avoid crowds if at all possible

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