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Now that the health situation is gradually becoming more manageable, the rules of different countries about their COVID-19 mandatory testing for visitors has also changed. There is good news for those planning to visit the UK this holiday season. As per the latest direction from the government, virus testing is now made more straightforward and cheaper.

Introducing the New Mandatory COVID-19 Testing

Unlike the previous instruction of securing the costly COVID PCR test for the international travellers returning to England, a lateral flow test result is now an acceptable replacement. Note that this new instruction only applies to fully vaccinated visitors who are not coming from the UK’s red list. Those who have not yet completed their vaccination dosage will still be required to follow the former process.

Despite the simpler instructions, some are still perplexed by the changes. If you plan to visit the UK soon and are looking for more straightforward instructions to understand the latest mandatory testing instruction, here is a more comprehensive explanation to clarify your confusion.

What to Know about the Day 2 Lateral Flow Test

Most British are aware that a COVID PCR test was mandated for travellers this year. That test costs an average of £70, which is why people criticise it, saying it is an unfair practice that only exploits money from them. However, last month, things changed.

Here is the breakdown of everything you need to know about the newly mandated lateral flow testing for UK visitors:

On Eligibility

  • The new direction is only applicable to fully-vaccinated UK nationals coming from low-risk destinations.
  • If you are not yet fully vaccinated and are travelling from the red list countries, the former rule will still apply.

On the Process

  • Instead of the standard PCR, you are only required to take the lateral flow test. This test would tell whether or not you are virus-free. But if you still prefer the traditional PCR test, you can still opt for that. Make sure that you secure the test from a UK government-approved provider like PCR Labs.
  • Before you travel to England, ensure that you book and pay for a COVID-testing in advance. It is a mandatory step as you need to include your booking reference on your mandatory Passenger Locator Form.
  • You need to take the test as soon as you arrive in the country. You have Day 0 (your arrival date) until Day 2 to take the test. Forgetting to do this would only forfeit your entrance to the country.
  • You can secure your test directly from the airport. You will find many testing centres available there, ready to cater to your test needs. Take note that these testing centres may cost more for their tests, but that is in exchange for the convenience and quick response time you would get.

On the Next Steps Based on Your Result

  • Negative Result: You are free to visit your family now! Just remember to submit a photo of your completed lateral flow test and your unique booking reference for the testing company’s rechecking. Failing to do this step would give you a fine of £1,000. The testing company will provide you with complete instructions on this for easy reference.
  • Positive Result: You need to isolate yourself and get a PCR test free of charge. If that test indeed confirms that you are positive for the COVID virus, you need to be quarantined for ten more days before you can finally go out.

On Flying Back Home

  • Two days (or forty-eight hours) before your flight back, make sure to complete a passenger locator form like what you did before flying to England.


This recent change serves as good news to give people hope, especially those who have been meaning to visit their home in England. This new instruction aims to speed up the process of managing crowd influx for the coming holidays. The government also decided to become more lenient now since more people worldwide are getting vaccinated each day. What you only need to do as a visitor is to follow the steps and comply with the new rules and regulations.

If you want a private and safe way to test yourself for the virus, you can get your COVID PCR test from us at PCR Labs. We are one of London’s trusted COVID-19 test providers that deliver the kit straight to your door. You can also get your fast test result in less than twenty-four hours. Book now through this site!

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